Here in Idaho, it's clear that we're proud of where we live. Once a secret that we had hoped would never get out, we're now one of the fastest growing states in the entire nation and for good reason. Our communities are safe and clean, our people are kind, and our outdoors can't be beat.

Looking for a beach vacation? Idaho isn't your spot. If you love the great outdoors, especially in winter, then perhaps Idaho is for you after all.

A recent study has ranked all 50 states from best to worst when it comes to 'Snow Sports'-- a category that many Idahoans are very proud of here. We didn't expect to be edged out by SIX other states, though!

Which states edged out Idaho from the #1 spot? There are six--here's a look!

America's Best Snow Sport Destinations!

Idaho did not top the list--but we're ranked quite high. Here's a look at the top!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Have you ever spent any time in the snow at these six other states? We think that Idaho should have been at the top! 

Stats on Idaho were interesting-- the survey ranks Idaho based off of our 18 resorts, 5 cross-country ski areas, 8 ice skating rinks, and 35 ice climbing routes. Inside of our national parks, we can snowmobile, snowshoe, and climb--all of which make Idaho unique.

Compared to the top of the list, Alaska, Idaho has about half of the average snowfall and cannot partake in dogsledding--two boxes that "dinged" Idaho's overall score.

Here's a look at Idaho's ski resorts, ranked! There is still time to get out and enjoy the slopes this winter! 

Idaho's 18 Ski Resorts Ranked From #18 to #1

We have ranked each of Idaho's 18 ski resorts based on several factors including reviews, reputation, and ease of access. Each resort's opening date is listed below, but remember that these are projected dates and they are subject to change.

Gallery Credit: Marco

Everything You Need To Know About Idaho's 16 Amazing Ski Resorts

Idaho's 16 ski resorts from smallest to largest based on skiable acres.

Gallery Credit: Marco

Unwritten Rules When Skiing or Snowboarding at Bogus Basin

When Reddit users were asked what people should know about enjoying Bogus Basin, these were unwritten rules they shared.

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