Saturday is usually a slow news day or one dominated by college football. It's not often that the Boise City Council issues a press release. However, Boise has been in the local and national spotlight due to the Gay Pride Fest at Cecil Andrus Park.

Pride organizers canceled the kid's drag show after many significant sponsors pulled their support. Idaho Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon issued a list of sponsors who were overwhelmed by negative phone calls and emails.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean has been a vocal supporter of the event.  Boise City Council members have expressed their support on social media until now.  City Council President Elaine Clegg says, “On behalf of Boise City Council, we are especially honored to participate at Pride this year and present the city’s Pride proclamation on behalf of Mayor McLean to our community members who have worked tirelessly to advocate for Idaho’s transgender community.”She continues, “It is important to recognize publicly that Boise is a welcoming community that strives to lead through love and understanding, even when others choose to lead with hate and fear.”

One has to ask is the city council president saying that if you disagree with a drag show featuring minors that you're spreading hate and fear?


Boise City Council Member Holli Woodings said, “In light of ongoing attacks - nationally and right here at home - against our LGBTQIA+ family, friends and neighbors, events like Pride are so important to create a safe space for celebration, love and joy."

Is the city council member saying that Idahoan and American religious and cultural values that conflict with her values is an attack?  Would both Boise politicians like to silence citizens who disagree with their views?

In America, dissent is not only tolerated but discouraged.  It's too bad two Boise politicians fail to understand the concept of free speech.

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