If one was to judge the competency of the city of Boise by the mayor's recent police conference, let's say former mayor Dave Bieter wouldn't have lost the mayor's race. The mayor's press conference resembled a high school talent show without talent. The mayor's supporting cast featured the Boise City Council, Boise Police Chief Ron Winegar, and union members representing Boise Police.

Mayor McLean announced that the city would pay for an outside attorney from the East Coast to investigate the Boise Police Department concerning the actions of retired Captain Matt Bryngelson. The Idaho Statesman detailed his actions.  

"News of Bryngelson's conduct surfaced online earlier this month, after observers located racist blog posts written under a pseudonym in a website linked to white supremacist views, as well as a video interview with Bryngelson using the same pseudonym, in which he expresses some of those same views."

Michael Bromwich, a high-profile attorney with progressive ties, will be paid by Boise to investigate Boise PD. His background includes the following:

  • Prosecuting Lt. Oliver North as a member of the Office of Independent Counsel.
  • Investigating the Baltimore Police Department.
  • Representing Christine Blasey Ford.

You may recall she was the lady who accused Brett Kavanaugh of inappropriate behavior. You can read about her here. The attorney also investigated the Baltimore Police Department. 

Unfortunately, the mayor did not have confidence in the Boise Police to allow them to conduct an internal investigation. There is a significant rift between the mayor and Boise Police. The move to hire an outside counsel will not bring both sides closer together. If Boise wanted outside attorneys, why not ask the state attorney general to conduct the investigation? 

Where is the leadership?

We've stated publicly that Mayor McLean should apologize to the city and the police department for hiring the former police chief. She didn't hold a news conference to explain her lousy judgment allowing Mr. Lee to keep his job despite numerous personnel. Yet she has a news conference to denounce one retired captain's actions?

Boise and its police department deserve a leader who will support their efforts to keep us safe.

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