Boise State Football travels to Fort Collins this weekend to take on the scrappy Colorado State Rams. The Broncos seek to keep their momentum from last week's come-from-behind win against San Jose State. 

The Rams have never beaten Boise State but have shown a lot of grit despite their 2-3 record. They almost beat Colorado, led by Coach Prime, and lost a disappointing game last week to Utah State 44-24. The Rams led 17-0 before falling to the Aggies.

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You can watch the game on FS1 Saturday night from Canvas Stadium. The Rams will celebrate homecoming, hoping to end the Broncos winning streak. Boise State fans will be interested to see if the team's two-quarterback approach will be as successful as last week's performance in Boise. 

Fans on both sides will be interested to see if Boise State can continue to pressure the quarterback. Colorado State Head Coach Jay Norvell expressed concern to The Rocky Mountain Collegian. 

"We've got to do a good job protecting our quarterback," Norvell said. "We've got to do a better job of spreading the football around in this game and getting our playmakers involved. And it's always important that you run the ball effectively against Boise when you play them. So special teams's got to continue to be a factor. But this is an important conference game for us."

As with every game during the college football season, this was crucial for both teams. Boise State wins, and they are 4-3 with a two-game winning streak before taking on Wyoming, Air Force, and Fresno State. Colorado State wins, and they are 3-3, along with a signature win against a team they've never beaten. 

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