Years ago, author and college football historian Brian Curtis wrote the book "Every Week A Season." The title is fitting for the first few weeks of Boise State Football under the leadership of Coach Andy Avalos. Last year, the Broncos rallied after the dismissal of the offensive coordinator and starting quarterback Hank Bachmeier leaving the team.

Fans have taken to social media, calling for the firing of the coach after a disastrous loss to Washington. Other fans defend the coach, citing that he needs to be given a chance. However, the coach is the state's highest-paid employee, and wins matter at Boise State more than almost any other program in college football. The Broncos do not have deep pockets, so wins mean more ticket sales, allowing the program to compete against the big boys.

Boise State Football: 2023 Football Schedule

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Ticket prices have frustrated Bronco fans as the lowest price seat is seventy-five dollars. The marketing department has been working overtime to ensure a sellout for this week's showdown against UCF. The Knights are now members of the Big 12, a power conference, while Boise State, despite its past success, is still a member of the Group of Five.

UCF presents a challenge and a tremendous opportunity for Boise State. A win against the Knights helps the team regain some respect and boosts the sagging ticket sales for the team's next home game against North Dakota. A loss means the Treasure Valley fans will skip the time and expense of a trip to Albertsons Stadium.

Who is UCF? Former Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn leads the Knights. His system is a variation of the tempo scheme many coaches use to increase the offense's advantage over the defense. An earlier indicator will be the ability of the Bronco defense to limit the success of plays on first downs. If it's second and short, the Knights will increase the tempo in hopes of tiring out the Bronco defense.

The Knights use a run first to set up the pass scheme. Last week against Kent State, UCF rolled up over 700 yards of total offense in their victory. However, Kent State is not Boise State, so we'll have to watch what happens when UCF faces a more challenging opponent on the Blue.

Saturday's game is the opportunity for Bush Hamden to live up to the offseason hype of his hiring. Talented Taylen Green has been a hit on the NIL circuit; now, he has to live up to his potential. Let's remember the defense that was embarrassed last week.

Regardless of the outcome, the Broncos still control their destiny when Mountain West Conference play begins. However, if the Broncos win the league title, will anyone care?

You can watch the game on Fox Sports One beginning at 5pm MT.

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