College football, as we foresaw years ago with the introduction of Name, Image, Likeness, and the Transfer Portal, is in a state of flux. Unintended consequences have led to the dismantling of the Pacific Coast Conference or Pac-12, a sign of the unpredictable changes in the sport. 

The Southwestern Conference, once a powerhouse in college football, dissolved due to rampant cheating. This led to a reshuffling of power, with the Power Five now reduced to the Power Four. Some experts are even predicting the potential demise of either the Big 12 or the ACC, which could further reshape the college football landscape into a Power Three.

The Atlantic Coast Conference is not passively accepting its fate. It's actively defending itself against lawsuits by its members Florida State and Clemson. Many of the teams currently in the league are considering the potential opportunities in the SEC and BIG 10, a move that could reshape the college football landscape in a positive way.

As for the 'Power 2 ', they've managed to secure a significant portion of their conference's college football playoff slots through negotiations. This leaves the rest of college football to either fend for itself or face a world where both conferences break off to form their own league. Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports has provided detailed insights into the financial implications of this new playoff package, including the substantial sums ESPN and others stand to gain.

"The Group of Five splits 9% of the annual $1.3 billion deal with ESPN. While the payout marks an increase in raw numbers, it is a percentage decrease considering the Group of Five received 22% of the pot in the prior deal (2014-23)."

How will these moves affect Boise State? Derrick Dooley, a former NFL and college coach, has proposed that the group of five break off to form their own playoffs. Some call this college football's version of college basketball's NIT.

Proponents say that the power two will eventually leave the current structure, so why not form a league to superserve the schools outside the power conferences? 

Undoubtedly, the group of five possesses a wealth of talent. The crucial question is whether any teams, beyond Boise State, can generate revenue and ratings. We are committed to keeping you updated on this evolving story, ensuring you are part of the conversation.

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