Living in America is expensive in 2024. Living in Idaho is expensive in 2024. Hell, just living is expensive in 2024!

Here in Idaho, times are tough for some. Housing costs are on a meteoric rise, the job market isn't ideal for those searching for work, and the price you're paying at checkout at the grocery store is significantly higher than it used to be.

It's that last part that's the sticking point for us.

Groceries cost more. A lot more. You don't need a calculator or a bar graph to realize that when you get home from the grocery store, your bank account is taking a significantly bigger hit than back in the day. So what can we do?

Not much, but can't we at least make a few things free so we're not constantly broke?

Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't also have to pay for condoms when you're at the grocery store? Wouldn't it be nice if you could practice safe sex without worrying about if you can afford to pay your gas bill next month? We think so.

Think about it. If folks in Idaho can't afford condoms, that's going to mean more and more Idahoans who in about 18 years from now will also not be able to afford condoms.

What do you think? Should we also have to pay for contraceptives on top of all the other things we have to spend our hard-earned money on every single time we go shopping?

Just make sure however you procure your condoms that you're not using them in the following locations, or you could get yourself into some trouble:

Illegal Spots For Sex In Boise

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media

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