One of the great mysteries of modern television and the movie era has been revealed. Why would Kevin Costner leave arguably television's most iconic shows since M.A.S.H. for an unknown project he has personally risked his assets to fund? 

While America awaits the conclusion of the Dutton saga on Yellowstone, Mr. Costner has released the first trailer for his upcoming project Horizon: An American Saga. That, yes, is a Western theme that Mr. Costner knows well and is very successful at producing.

The rollout of his latest film was released today; no worries, we've included the trailer below this story. The film was shot in Utah, a favorite location for the actor who explains why the Beehive State to the Salt Lake Tribune. 

"It was the best place in the world for me to go," Costner said, adding that when he drives around Utah, "my head's on a swivel. … When you go through Utah, it's magic."

Wouldn't it be nice if Idaho could attract projects like the neighboring states of Montana and Utah? 

The first film will be released on June 28th. Fans will not have to wait a year for the second installment, as it will be released in August. It is a rather unusual move in today's world of sequels that take years to produce. 

One of the themes of the movie is the yearning for Americans to travel West, as Mr. Costner tells the Salt Lake Tribune.

"Some people came west with hope," Costner said. "Others came west because they were damaged. Other people came west because they were running away from something."

Here is the Horizon Trailer; it gave us chills. What do you think? 

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