We all know the old phrase, Oh, your cheating, heart! We all know the dreaded statistics that over fifty percent of marriages in America fail. What is the cause of so many marriages? Is it better to work through problems or cut the cord and live your best life? So many questions involving our commitment to one another and how society views commitment. 

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash
Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

Can the environment or even the state you live in contribute to the probability of marriages succeeding or failing? Our married lives have never faced many internal and external challenges, such as online porn, video games, job stress, politics, family demands, and infidelity. 

Idahoans pride themselves on being one of the most family-friendly states in America. However, have you ever wondered what our state rank is in infidelity? Obviously, most folks at church wouldn't discuss how many Idahoans commit adultery, but one group has profiled and ranked states on their cheating ways. 

Allef Vinicius via Unsplash
Allef Vinicius via Unsplash

Bonusfinder.com surveyed 6,000 individuals in the US, asking them whether they hosted or attended a bachelor/bachelorette party, in what location, and whether they committed any unfaithful acts towards their partner to find out the bachelor and bachelorette party cheating hotspots in the US. The survey was conducted during a few days in April of this year.

Let's take a look at the states where the TV show Cheaters would have a field day. The site defines being unfaithful during a bachelor party as kissing someone else, receiving a lap dance or having relations.

Before we get to the unfaithful, the following states were the most faithful:

#5 Florida

#4 Colorado

#3 Maine

#2 Vermont

#1 Nebraska

5 Most Unfaith States In America

Bonusfinder.com explains the rank of dirty 5

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