The Idaho grandmother who spent time in federal prison for reporting from the Capitol on January 6th has turned on President Donald Trump. Pam Hemphill drew international support during her two-month federal prison sentence. You can read here for our detailed coverage of her plight. Ms. Hemphill told us her life was threatened, and inmates conspired to set her up with a crime to ensure she was never released.

The Idaho MAGA Granny as she is known around the world is on the cover of the ubiquitous online news source 'The Drudge Report.'

The conservative firebrand calls the former president a 'cult leader' on social media. She took to President Trump's Truth Platform, saying not to use her name or any of the folks who stormed the capitol on January 6th. 

YouTube / KTVB
YouTube / KTVB

Her comments were picked up by yahoo news, where she said she was under President Trump's spell, comparing his supporters to a cult. The liberal publication, the Daily Beast, ran the headline, '6 Convict Tells the Truth About Trump: He’s a Cult Boss' 

She described the president's behavior to the Daily Beast. "I started seeing the narcissistic behavior,” she recalled. “And I said, ‘Wait, wait, this is gaslighting. This is not true.’” She began to listen to what her gut had been telling her."

YouTube / ktvb

Ms. Hemphill made local headlines when she agreed to be interviewed by the local media outlet Channel 7. You can read the coverage of our story here. 


She told us, "my fault for speaking out, people need to know the facts about Jan 6.  It's become a cult, everything he's saying he's mean to people, look at all that swag. I didn't want to go to the media, but I wanted the truth out about January 6th."

Ms. Hemphill said she honors the police who saved her life. "I speak up for the police officers and then the mob get's mad at me." She said she talked to the Daily Beast because the media is comparing her to Joe Biden's son.


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