She's the most popular person on planet Earth in 2023. No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot escape Taylor Swift. She's everywhere.

TV? Someone's talking about Taylor. Radio? Same. Football? Cameras cut to Taylor. She's freaking ev-ery-where right now. She's like, really popular.

Sure, maybe someone could get annoyed with too many stories about one subject matter, (or in this case, one person) but why do grown adults spew such vitriol toward Taylor Swift in comments on social media? While no one has been able to point us to an actual concrete reason, we've summed up some of the most common themes when it comes to grown ups who like to insult Taylor Swift on public forums:

  • She acts too surprised when she wins awards
  • No football fans want to see her on TV during a Kansas City Chiefs game
  • Who cares about Taylor, why aren't you talking about (whatever outrage topic is popular that week)?
  • She's not talented

Well, the first one is true. We can't argue that. She do be actin' surprised a lot. However, saying that a music artist as successful as Taylor Swift isn't talented is just...juvenile.

With that being said, we honestly still don't know exactly what compels grown adults to use grade-school-level insults toward a woman they've never even met before. Sure, there are things we don't like, but that's what scrolling past is for! We don't have time to get into a debate in the comments section.

So, what do you think? Why are all these grownups reverting back into little children when it comes to how they speak about the most popular celebrity in the world?


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