The fallout from the January 6th riots continues to haunt the nation and both political parties. For several years, the democrats held several hearings seeking to investigate the cause of the riots and place blame on those responsible. Since the republicans have taken over the House, they have launched their investigations.

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson has been making news since he released never-before-scene footage from the storming of the capitol. Americans across the country continue to question how our capital could've been breached. 

NBC News reported last week that part of the evidence released is a video that shows several looters trashing the offices of Idaho Senator Jim Risch. As you'll see in our photos below, the senator and his staff were not in the offices when the vandals broke in during the riots. You can read NBC's version of the story here.

As Tucker Carlson continues to release tapes on Fox News, we should prepare ourselves to see more videos. Senator Risch hasn't commented on the issue, and the public should respect his decision. Republicans continue to question why no one from the capitol police and other federal authorities was prepared to handle the thousands of Americans who showed up on January 6th.

Several, if not hundreds of Americans remain in federal prison, violating their constitutional rights—no word on whether the Biden Administration will relax the crackdown on these imprisoned Americans. We will continue to update you on this story as it continues to develop in Idaho and across the nation.

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