Ammon Bundy left Idaho several months ago. Mr. Bundy continues to post messages on social media. He continues to advocate and urge folks to follow his direction. The location of the former gubernatorial candidate remains a mystery to folks in Idaho and across the country.

Where is Ammon Bundy? Is he living in Idaho? The United States? Or perhaps some foreign country? Saint Luke officials and Idaho Law Enforcement want Mr. Bundy to be held accountable for the fifty-million-dollar verdict against him.

Where Is Ammon Bundy?

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that a specialised investigative unit called Bellingcat believes it has located Mr. Bundy. Remember, Mr. Bundy and his family left Idaho after a judge ruled that his home and possessions would be used to offset the financial judgment against him.

The company said they contacted the Ada County Sheriff's Department but did not receive a response. However, we don't know if law enforcement would be used to retrieve someone with a civil verdict as opposed to a criminal one. 

Ada County Law Enforcement will be on extra alert for the next few months as accused killer Chad Daybell's trial starts next week in Boise.

Bellingcat says they believe Mr. Bundy is in southern Utah. They've used his posts on social media, where he is outside, to make that determination.

Could we see Ammon Bundy back in Idaho? Is he really in southern Utah? We'll continue to update you on this story as we cover it and find new information. 

If Mr. Bundy returns to Idaho, the state's presence in the national headlines will continue.

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