If you tell someone who's not lucky enough to be from the Gem State that you're from Idaho, you're likely to get one of two reactions:

  1. "Oh, like potatoes?"
  2. "My (relative) is from there. I hear everyone is so nice!"

We're not here to talk about potatoes. That's been done to death. We're here to talk about the nice folks of Idaho.

Idaho does have a reputation for being a friendly, accepting place. Maybe it's the small-down charm you find in almost any city, or the diversity of people you may find in any one spot in Idaho. Is it just us, or does it feel like that's changed?

We know many Idahoans aren't happy about Californians relocating to the Treasure Valley, and they'd like Idaho to stay the way it's been. Now, that's understandable, but when did it turn to name calling, throwing out insults, and telling folks they need to "Go back where they came from" if you don't agree with them?

Maybe this is coming off as too sensitive, but don't you miss when it felt like we were all getting along just a little bit more? We've been on the air in Idaho for years, and we refuse to believe that it's gone from a  place of love to a place of divisiveness.

What's your take? Is Idaho still the friendly place we've known to grow and love over the years, or has it turned into something more...unkind?

Let us know what you think. We love hearing from you.

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