One of the most significant issues that we all face is schools. Where do we take our kids to school, what type of schools are best for our kids, and just anything to do with our kid's education? Private schools have continued to spring up in Idaho and throughout the Treasure Valley.

What Makes A Good or Great School?

One of the most critical aspects of a great school is the teachers. Idaho has a challenging national reputation as the state is currently ranked as one of the lowest-paying states for teacher pay. A great educator inspires their students to think like Robin Williams in 'Good Will Hunting.' A bad teacher can ruin a child's quest to learn and drive them away from valuing an education.

Is More Money The Answer?

The state government has continued to spend money on schools, but the funding has not kept up with the growing population. Taxpayers in the Treasure Valley and across the state continue to face tax increases and bond issues to fund local schools. Education experts say the smaller the classroom, the greater the chance a teacher can work with students in small groups or one-on-one.

The Hidden Difference Maker

Leadership in an organization is vital, whether it's a sports team or running a school. The job of a school principal at any level is a challenge. The administrator must balance the needs of the student, parents, and teachers, and that is easier said than done.

The Good News About Idaho Schools

Despite negative media coverage, Idaho schools continue to produce outstanding students. The area's public schools have produced students accepted to Ivy League schools. Let's take a look at the best public schools in Idaho. Did your school make the list?

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