Boise-based Micron technology is coming home. The semiconductor company never left Boise but announced today that it would build a new fab to construct semiconductor chips in Idaho's capital city. The new fab is the first one made in America in the last twenty years. The cost of the new facility is 15 billion dollars and will take several years to complete.  

The production of memory chips has been a source of concern regarding the nation's national security. Over eighty percent of the world's memory chips are made in Taiwan, which China has threatened. The communist country says that Taiwan belongs to them and will eventually launch an attack to take the island nation back.  

Chips are crucial to the technology involved in cars, phones, computers, laptops, data centers, and anything involving modern life. Micron credits the passing of Joe Biden's Chips and Science Act. The company proclaims in its release that this project represents the most significant private business investment in Idaho. 

Micron leadership held nothing back with their praise of Congress for passing the hefty bill. (Editor's note, Idaho's congressional delegation voted against the bill.)

"We thank President Biden, Secretary of Commerce Raimondo, Secretary of Defense Austin, the Biden-Harris Administration, and Members of Congress for the bipartisan support of the CHIPS and Science Act, which made this investment decision possible," said Micron President and CEO Sanjay Mehrotra. "Our new leading-edge memory manufacturing fab will fuel U.S. technology leadership, ensuring a reliable domestic supply of semiconductors that is critical to economic and national security. We also appreciate the support of Governor Little and his administration, Idaho state legislators, Mayor McLean and our partners at Idaho Power. We are proud of the positive impact this investment will have on the community and our more than 6,000 employees located in Boise, Micron's headquarters and the epicenter of our innovation for over 40 years."  

Boise Mayor McLean praised the move in a release:

"This is a once in a generation investment in Boise from a home-grown company that is critical to the economic vitality of our community, our state and our nation. I'm so proud of the partnership it has taken to get to this point and excited for the opportunities continued collaboration brings. 

We looked hard at what we could do as a city to do our part to make sure this happened in and for our community knowing that, together with Micron, we will grow our economy, protect our open space and clean water and attract and sustain a diverse, dynamic workforce."

Micron believes the new facility will create over 17,000 jobs in the Boise area.  They plan on investing more money in K-12 education and other infrastructure needs.

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