President Biden is all about Boise-based Micron, but he will not be visiting Idaho soon. The president will visit New York state on Thursday to celebrate his CHIPs and Science Act. The facility in upstate New York is rumored to be the largest semiconductor facility in the country. We are still determining if Micron cheerleader Boise Mayor Lauren McLean will be at the president's side.

A quick look inside Micron.

Micron Technology Spends $150 Billion

A look at Micron's role in technology and its leaders present and past.

Has America Become a Socialist Nation?

If we are not entirely a socialist state, we're at least socialist lite. Micron's leadership told the world that they wouldn't have been able to build these manufacturing facilities without the CHIPS and Science Act. The legislation gives tax breaks and incentives to businesses like Micron. It is hard to believe that one of the world's most successful chip makers needs government 'help' to build in America. I don't think Ford, GM, and Chrysler asked the government for help over one hundred years ago when they were building cars.

Biden Skips Boise

Most Idahoans would be happy not to have the president visit the Gem State. Thousands of Idahoans protested his brief appearance at the Boise Airport the last time he was in town. However, it would be nice if he believes this is a good move; why not champion Idaho like he's promoting New York?  (You can read our coverage of Micron's Boise announcement here.)

“We are honored to host President Biden and many prominent leaders today in Central New York, the future site of Micron’s new leading-edge megafab that will fuel U.S. innovation for years to come,” said Micron President and CEO Sanjay Mehrotra. “To secure U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, cultivate American innovation and ensure economic and national security, it is imperative we come together to build and transform a workforce for the future. Our commitments through the Community Investment Framework represent the first foundational steps toward Central New York’s transformation.”

Micron's Move and National Security

China's impending move on Taiwan has spurred Micron's move out of Taiwan. The Chinese tried to buy the company years ago, but the United States government rejected their bid. Micron's technology is too crucial to national security to allow an adversary to own the company. Micron is not Lenovo.

President Biden Arrives in Boise

President Biden is greeted by protesters during his visit to Boise, Idaho.

Check Out Creepy Joe Biden Sniffing and Wandering

A preview of the most popular video in some Idaho circles.



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