He had achieved success at the highest level of athletics but only found true happiness when he walked away from the game he loved. Heisman Trophy Winner Ricky Williams, who played several years in the NFL, reflects on the decision that changed his life. "I got to a point where my path as a football player was just that, was a journey to get me somewhere. Even as a football player, I was looking for some way to have a bigger impact than scoring touchdowns and running over linebackers."

Mr. Williams left the NFL in 2004 at the height of his career as a running back. He had won the league's rushing title a few years before leaving to pursue his life promoting cannabis. The former NFL running back told us his advocacy was about mental health. Mr. Williams is now one of the leading advocates for marijuana in the country, along with an owner of his own cannabis company, Highsman, a play-off of his accomplishment of winning the Heisman Trophy.

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He led the league in rushing and now wants to lead you to marijuana.

Idaho is the only state in the nation that has not legalized medical or recreational marijuana. Mr. Williams told us he had visited Boise several times, visiting his mother in-law from his first marriage. He even revealed that he has worked out on Boise State's famous blue field. During his time playing in the NFL, the league suspended Mr. Williams several times for violating their drug policy.

Mr. Williams will visit Top Crop in Ontario from 2 pm-4 pm on Saturday and 12 pm-2 pm on Sunday. You can listen to the entire interview with Mr. Williams below.

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