It looks like the national Satanists  not to be confused with the Idaho Satanists, are joining forces with Joe Biden, . Biden's Justice Department filed a federal lawsuit challenging Idaho's trigger law, and now the Satanists have joined his attack on our state.  As they say, the devil is in the details.

Their lawsuit was filed in federal court, as other challenges have been filed in state court. The Spokesman-Review reported that the national group represents thousands of practicing Satanists in Idaho. Their names were not revealed in the filing. 

The group says the Idaho Law violates their freedom to worship their religion without persecution. The group also cites the fifth, thirteenth, and fourteenth amendments, as reported by the Spokesman-Review. The Satanists say they have a ritual for anyone getting an abortion. The law prevents abortion, therefore, preventing the practice of their religion. 

We have covered the activity of the Idaho Satanic Temple. They have made themselves more of a pubic presence in the past year. Here was their first appearance at the statehouse building.

Idaho Satanists March on Statehouse

The Satanists then took over the inside of the statehouse during the national day of prayer.

Idaho Christians and Satanists Showdown at Statehouse

Christians and Satanists Showdown at the Capitol

There has been no reaction from the governor's office at the time of this publication.  The Satanists have filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn Indiana's law prohibiting abortion. We have not determined whether or not the Satanists are coordinating with the Biden Administration or Planned Parenthood.  We will continue to update you on this story as it develops.


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