The Idaho Humane Society is in full mode as the warmer temperatures increase demand for their services. Anyone who is a fan of animals knows that as the weather warms up, we see cats having kittens, and sadly these kittens are abandoned in need of a home. Thankfully, the Idaho Humane Society has several programs that help these kittens, dogs, cats, puppies, rabbits, and rice or rats find new homes. 

We recently had a chance to tour the Idaho Humane Society and would love for you to check out our photos below. You'll see the current animals that are looking for new homes and how they're cared for while at the humane society.


Last year was a big year for the group as they received 9,378 lost and surrendered pets which broke down to 5,162 cats and kittens, 3,555 dogs and puppies, and 661 other pets. You'll see in our photos some adorable rabbits. 


The shelter is always seeking help from folks who would like to volunteer to walk a dog, help around the facility, or donate to the group's efforts. If you want more information on making a difference, please click the link here. 

Here is a link to a wish list if you'd like to donate toys or other items. If you're new to town and looking for a veterinary clinic, the Idaho Humane Society has a separate hospital that can take care of your needs, and here is the link. 

Please look at our photos below, and help out with this excellent organization today. 

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