Tonight will mark the biggest game in college football. The title game will feature nonstop action beginning at 5:30 pm our time. The evening will conclude after a winner is crowned between the Washington Huskies and the Michigan Wolverines. The game features the only two undefeated teams. Michigan winning the Big 10 and beating Alabama in the semifinal while Washington won the Pac 12 and hanging on to for a win over Texas.

Idaho is known for many things, and with the exception of Boise State football in the past, producing elite football players is not at the top of the list. However, one Idahoan is making a big difference on one of the teams competing for college football's national title.

This football player had the choice of every major college football program in the country but chose to leave the Gem State to play for college football's winningest  program.


Alabama, Michigan, Texas, Washington, Oregon, USC, and Ohio State are loaded with talent. Although only one has Idaho's best recruit who is from Gooding, Idaho. Colston Loveland is a former four star recruit who played tight end last year at Gooding High School. He now plays tight end for the nation's top ranked team the Michigan Wolverines.

How Popular Was Colston Loveland?

Wolverines Wire / USA Today described the demand for Mr. Loveland:

"Gooding, Idaho native, Colston Loveland, did manage to rise above the pack, rated a four-star recruit, the top player in the state, and the No. 10 tight end in the country in the 2022 class. He had an offer from the Broncos in Boise, but also got the attention of Alabama, Auburn, and LSU, with the three SEC powerhouses issuing him an offer."

The six foot five two hundred and thirty pound tight end has been a welcomed addition to the Wolverines. He followed up his successful freshman year becoming the go to receiver for Michigan's Quarterback JJ McCarthy.

Why Michigan? What about Alabama or Boise State?

Mr. Loveland told Wolverines Wire that the culture of Michigan along with the academics felt like the right place for him. One Idaho college saw his potential during his sophomore year in high school. He shared that the coaches at Michigan made him feel like he was at home in Idaho.


Loveland's Bright Michigan Future

MazenBlue says that there could be a bigger role for the tight end next year.

"His teammates love him, head coach Jim Harbaugh loves him, and in all probability he’s going to be Michigan’s TE1 next year. Donovan Edwards recapped Loveland’s touchdown against Purdue in hilarious fashion, saying he Mossed both Purdue defenders."

It's one thing for players to love another player, but what about Michigan Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh. The coach one of the harshest evaluators of talent. He played for legendary Michigan Coach Bo Schembechler. The former Michigan Wolverine was known as 'Captain Comeback' during his playing days in the NFL.

Youtube / ESPN
Youtube / ESPN

Coach Harbaugh began his college coaching career before becoming the head coach of the NFL's San Francisco 49ers. The team came within one play of winning the Super Bowl against the coach's brother John Harbaugh.

“The way the freshman, Colston Loveland, is playing, I think just everybody sees it. This player is gonna be really good. Probably the longer takes him to figure out how good he’s gonna be, the better off he’ll be. He’s just got that mindset. You can tell him, ‘good job.’

And he’s like, ‘thanks.’ It’s nothing that’s going to his head. Just does it the way he’s supposed to be doing it. I noticed that about him when I went to recruit him in Gooding, Idaho. Great town, genuine, down-to-earth, good people everywhere. They really hadn’t — nobody had really seen a Colston Loveland-type athlete and football player. They don’t come around, they don’t come along every year.

What's It Like To Play For The National Title?

Michigan will take on Washington tonight for the national title. Don't forget to look for Idaho's own number eighteen representing the Gem State.

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