Is there a scientifically accurate way to prove who is the hands-down favorite American president in history amongst people in Idaho? Can we really find out which president the Gem State holds dearest? Of course there is.

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So how does one even go about figuring out who is Idaho's favorite president? We can't go door-to-door and ask every single person living in Idaho who they like best, so we did the next best: We asked A.I. to do it for us!

Thanks to the power of ChatGPT, we now have some general idea of who Idaho's favorite president could possibly be:

Determining the "most popular" president in Idaho can be subjective and may vary depending on individual opinions and historical context. However, Idaho tends to be a conservative-leaning state, so presidents who align with conservative values may be more popular among Idahoans. Presidents such as Ronald Reagan, who was widely admired by conservatives for his economic policies and leadership style, are often well-regarded in Idaho. Additionally, presidents who prioritize issues important to Idaho, such as agriculture, natural resource management, and limited government intervention, may also be viewed favorably by residents.

So it's possibly Reagan, but even A.I. is not sure. Awesome. Thanks a lot, the future.

So maybe we'll never know exactly which president Idahoans prefer over the others.

Our favorite? Well, our favorite has never been president (yet), but he did run and would totally get our vote in 2024!

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