Do you remember the year 1974? The world was recovering from Watergate, television consisted of three network channels, and the phone was something that you used a rotary dial to call your friends from home. The nation was still trying to overcome the Vietnam War, and the anti-hero in American politics, movies, and sports was born. 

Idaho, a state yet to be discovered by anyone outside the Mountain West, was the center of the country and the world. On September 8th, 1974, Robert Craig Knievel, or Evel Knievel, attempted his historic jump over the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls.

The daredevil, more famous for his crashes after jumping over Caeser's Palace, King's Island, Wembley Stadium, and a shark tank, had drawn thousands of spectators and the world's media. He was known for his ability to take incredible amounts of pain, breaking a Guinness Book of World Records of 433 broken bones. 

Mr. Knievel told Idaho that his rocket was an airplane so he could get permission for this scary jump. The jump failed as a parachute malfunctioned, causing the rocket to plummet into the canyon. The stunt did not end his career as he continued to travel the country jumping buses and other items until retiring after his final jump at King's Island, Ohio. 

He has been credited with creating two staples of American life: extreme sports and reality television. Tony Hawk and other athletes credit Mr. Knievel with inspiring their exploits in pioneering the X Games and other extreme sports. 

Evel Knievel died in 2007, but his adventure spirit lives in Idaho today. You can visit the mount that houses Knievel's rocket ship in Twin Falls. You can read more information about Evel Knievel here. 

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