When it comes to grabbing a burger in Boise, where do folks go? Many would argue there are very few top-rated, local options. 

A Look at Boise's Most Popular Drive-In

If you've been in the Treasure Valley for any amount of time and you're a lover of a great burger or drive-in, odds are someone has told you about Big Bun. A staple in Boise since 1954, there's no competing with these fresh, locally made burgers.

Have you visited Big Bun, before? 

While the internet might get excited over the over-hyped and non-local burger chain In-n-Out or demand that the other national chain from Texas come to town--we're about supporting local business around here!

There are a ton of great places that are locally owned, operated, and unique in the Treasure Valley that offer residents delicious burgers. One, however, has stood the test of time and remains among the most delicious since 1954: Big Bun Drive-In.

Winners of multiple "Best Of" awards over the years and simply a Boise staple, when one needs a delicious, fresh burger in Boise, drive-in style, Big Bun is always the move.

In a recent Facebook post, Big Bun thanked their customers for helping raise a significant amount of money for a local charity-- then went on to tease us by implying that they hope 2023 will bring about a new, second location!


We reached out to Big Bun for more, here's what they shared: 

We are still working on systems/procedures and training our leadership team to help ensure that we can keep our same quality of product and service at a 2nd location. We have also started networking to connect with a good commercial real estate/leasing agent. We will be spending the next few months looking for good locations and learning everything we can from other people that have grown a restaurant!

So, yes--the plans are clear: a second Big Bun IS in the works for the Treasure Valley! 

Sorry, In-N-Out...we're sticking with our own.

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