Idaho's education and public schools have been a hot topic for a while now and many Idahoans tout it as a top priority for this year. Idaho's New Superintendent of Public Instruction Debbie Critchfield recently presented the education budget request to the Joint Finance Appropriations Committee and is hopeful that some major money is put into bettering quite a lot. She said her plan follows pretty closely with what the Governer has said he want to see happen with the education system in Idaho.

KTVB discusses how important updating and improving Idaho education is to our Govenor saying, "Governor Brad Little has long said his top priority is education. He wants the legislature to invest $410 million of budget surplus money in teacher and classified staff pay raises, discretionary funding for school districts to defray property taxes, and scholarships for qualifying Idaho high school seniors to pursue higher education at an Idaho university, community college, career technical school or workforce training program."

Not everyone in Idaho's education agrees with the hefty, proposed budget. According to The Idaho Press, "Idaho State University President Kevin Satterlee in his presentation to the Joint Appropriations and Finance Committee said “These items that are not recommended for funding from the general fund in the current budget create an actual real hole in the university’s budget of $4.2 million. That’s the gap we’re going to have to figure out how to cover.”"

Calling all parents, teachers and students across Idaho: What improvements do you want to see in the state's education system?

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