Ah, yes... the company Christmas party. A party where dreams are fulfilled and squashed; a party that gives birth to embarrassment and can destroy your reputation in the blink of an eye. Anything can happen at a company Christmas party.

Of course, there are good things that come with going to your employer's Christmas party. For example, the food at a Christmas party is almost always good. I remember working for a gym company back in the day and they gave our location a budget to spend at a bowling alley for a Christmas party. Let me tell you - that bowling alley pizza was a lot tastier that night. Not only does everything taste better at a Christmas party, but it seems that you finally get to see the other side of the people you work with every day.

This is either really good... or really bad.

What are some things you should always do when going to the work Christmas party? First and foremost, plan your ride accordingly if you're going to enjoy a drink or four. Then you have the attire and dressing appropriately, greeting everyone, participating, and of course... staying out of any trouble that can come back and haunt you on Monday morning. But how do you do that?

The Company Christmas Party: A Night You'll Never Forget

Aside from winning raffle prizes and sharing laughs with your coworkers, what are some of the other things that you will never forget? How about the drunken behavior of those same coworkers? There are, of course, other things that can happen besides being too drunk and that's why we asked you what the worst thing is that you can do at a Christmas party. If anything we can use this as a teaching moment or as a way to prepare for any upcoming company gatherings. Let's get right to it!

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