When pursuing a career, some people avoid "chasing the dollar" because they want to work in a field that doesn't necessarily feel like "work. For others, it is about the dollar, and they're willing to do whatever work is necessary to earn that chunky paycheck.

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We searched for companies that are hiring for jobs in Boise and used that nifty little filter on Indeed.com to search for jobs that pay $200,000 a year. Some of the jobs that we found do say you will make "up to" a certain amount which some may argue is deceiving. To us, it's just the company letting everyone know that you have a high earning potential if you're willing to put the work in for it.

We found jobs ranging from freight drivers to chief executive officers... all hiring in Boise and all with a potential annual income of $200,000 a year. Do you have what it takes to apply for any of these jobs?

10 Boise Jobs That Are Hiring And Pay Over $200k A Year

Looking for a new high-paying career? Let's look at Boise jobs that are available and pay $200k a year.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Perhaps the aforementioned jobs sound appealing but you don't have a degree... that's okay! Some people like to get right into the workforce instead of going to college. Thankfully, we are able to look up some of the highest-paying jobs that don't necessarily require a degree. Let's take a look...

10 Idaho Jobs That Don't Need A College Degree & Pay At Least $70k/Year

Using information from the Idaho Department of Labor, we were able to look at some of the top jobs that don't require a college degree and pay at least $70,000 a year.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Now, if you're looking for a new career, you could apply for a high-paying job that's listed on Indeed.com. Or, you can look at the data and see which fields are the most in demand and work your way in that way.

Here are some of the highest-paying, most in-demand jobs in Boise.

20 Top In-Demand Jobs in Idaho That Pay At Least $50k/Year

Let's take a look at twenty jobs with a minimum annual salary of $50k that are in high demand according to the Idaho Department of Labor.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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