Dating back to 1897, Western Idaho Fair writes the Canyon County Fair has been "the social event of summer for over 125 years."

Originally named the Intermountain Fair, the purpose behind the annual event was to "connect Boise and other large cities that were 300 miles apart," and to showcase Idaho's natural resources.

Due to Boise's agricultural background, the first fair featured just three central categories: livestock, soil products, and domestic manufacturing. Over the years, these categories evolved and were subdivided to make room for more departments. During its early years, the fair struggled to stay afloat amid the nation's economic struggle and eventually shut down for a number of years during and after the Great Depression. By 1944, the fair had regained its standing in the community.

As the fair grew in popularity, so did the power of its purse. Before long, the farmer-friendly event became a force multiplier for Boise's local business community. During World War II, funds raised from the fair's benefit rodeos supported Gowen Field during the 1943 war effort.

Today, Canyon County Fair remains a time-honored Idaho tradition. Idahoans travel far and wide to enjoy the food, the festivities, and the competition. Livestock shows and animal competitions are still one of the fair's most popular events. This year's livestock events featured chickens, rabbits, goats, cows, and pigs. As we toured the livestock stables, we couldn't help but fall these friendly (and slightly stinky) cute competitors!

For a look at 25 of Canyon County 2023's award-winning and absolutely adorable animals, check out the gallery below!

Prize-Winning, Adorable Animals at Canyon County Fair 2023

Take a tour of Canyon County Fair's prize-winning, adorable animals!

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