There are few more exhilarating feelings than yelling out 'UNO!' when you're amongst your friends--or rivals! There are few instances in which you would ever even call that out, so, it only makes sense that everyone around the table would be playing the all time classic card game, UNO!

What makes this even more of a match made in heaven? The classic card game tournament is going to be held at what is arguably, Boise's most classic downtown bar: Cactus Bar!

The event, which is live on Cactus Bar's Facebook page now, outlines the following rules:

Get ready to show off your card skills and compete against fellow Uno enthusiasts. So grab your friends, bring your A-game, and prepare for an evening filled with laughter, strategy, and unforgettable moments. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to become the Uno champion!
-4 Games going on at once
-1 5 min speed rounds
-2 winners from each table will move on
-Lowest scores at the end will win
-$ 15 registration includes 2 drinks of selected liquors
-Day of registration at 5 pm (But we wouldn't risk it and you pay more)
-Event starts at 3 pm
Sound fun? You may want to hurry and sign up as there are only 20 slots for entrants--so get in while you can and perhaps you could be crowned the UNO champion of Boise!
For more on the event--to RSVP, invite friends, and more--just check out the Cactus Bar event page, HERE.

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