One of the crazy things about social media or apps that act as public forums... is how much you'll learn in the blink of an eye. Take the NextDoor app for example; the popular neighborhood app is the ultimate forum for neighborhood gossip and also... this generation's neighborhood watch.

Recently, someone shared a startling discovery that should have all pet owners in Boise shaking in their boots.


Yep - it turns out there are several provisions for owning a dog in Ada County and if you don't register your dog, you could be facing some fines. What sucks is how a fine under $100 could eventually lead to a warrant for one's arrest.

Going to Jail For Not Registering Your Dog in Idaho

Think about it - if you don't register your DOG... an animal that can't speak, can't vote, etc. This dog is required to be registered or you can be charged money... actual dollars. On top of that, if you don't fork over the cash to own an animal... you could be given a warrant in Ada County. Now, I understand the logic behind humans and letting your apartment complex know about a new human in the house via birth. There's insurance cost, etc... but... if you're the actual owner of a furry animal like a dog. Aren't things crystal clear when it comes to responsibility? Plus, sorry in advance for being so morbid, but if humans outlive dogs anyway, why aren't there more regulations on how kids are "registered"? Are we really going to threaten legal ramifications on the dog owners of Idaho for not letting the government know that... they own a dog?

I would love to hear your thoughts here!

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