Not that long ago, we all watched in horror as the price of gas skyrocketed well above $5 a gallon. It was another blow to an already inflating economy that we’ve endured with the rising cost of housing and supply shortages. We resorted to sharing gas hacks with you but now, it’s an exciting time because we can now share where to find gas for under $5 a gallon.

Thanks to the popular app, Gas Buddy, we did the hard work for you and broke down where you can find the cheapest gas in each Idaho city for under $5 a gallon. To be completely candid with you, it feels somewhat surreal that gas under $5 a gallon is story-worthy, but here we are. Unfortunately, there are no gas stations listed in Eagle, Caldwell, and Garden City that are offering gas for under $5 a gallon at the time of this publishing.

Let’s take a look at which gas stations in each Idaho city are offering gas for under $5/gallon.

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