There have been plenty of films that have been shot in Idaho and of course, several that take place in Idaho. We recently uncovered what could possibly be one of the eeriest basements of all time and what could make for an amazing horror movie.

The Jameson Saloon & Inn

Located in Wallace, Idaho, the Jameson Saloon & Inn (or The Jameson Inn Restaurant and Saloon as they're called on Facebook) is one of the most haunted places in Idaho. According to Idaho Haunted Houses, there are reports of multiple spirits inhabiting the property including one named Maggie and the other Ollie.

When doing a bit more research into the property, we found one particular comment unsettling as it appears to be from a "former employee."

"There is a very evil pretense in the basement and he DOES NOT like you doing [drugs] in the basement with your friends.."

Well, apparently this evil spirit wants to keep the basement drug-free. The supposed former employee goes on to say that they had a medium inspect the property.

"...medium confirmed he was killed in a gambling brawl and carried down the tunnels."

What do you think really happened in the basement? What is lurking in the basement of the Jameson Saloon & Inn?

A Horror Movie Should Be Made About This Haunted Idaho Basement

The Jameson Saloon & Inn is one of the most haunted places in Idaho and there are rumors that the basement houses something "evil."

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