Idaho gained massive national attention over the last 3 to 5 years as the place just about everyone was moving to. It seemed like people finally realized how amazing Idaho is and how much it has to offer, especially to outdoor enthusiasts.

That is why this list surprised me so much. Apparently, some American visitors who travel constantly were disappointed by Idaho.

Savoteur is a travel blog website and recently unleashed: Top 10 Most Forgettable U.S. States According to Americans. Why are these states forgettable?  "It may happen for many reasons; maybe you visited the state once, and nothing was memorable or striking about it. Or perhaps it gave you bad memories on the first visit — first impressions matter a lot. According to regular voyagers, these are the topmost forgettable states."

How Idaho made the list I will never understand. It was in 5th place. Clearly, they did not visit very much of the state because Idaho is anything but forgettable.

The website says, In Idaho, many potatoes are highly cultivated by the citizen. Someone shared a funny joke “I got a sample of instant potatoes in the mail and thought that was their tourism brochure.”

9 other states made the list including our southern neighbor Utah. The other 8 states that made the top ten of most forgettable states to visitors were mostly in the central part of the country and getting close to east coast. Interestingly, no coastal states made the list at all.

To prove the list and the fact that Idaho made the list oh so wrong, below you will find lots showing why Idaho is so amazing...

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