There is no question that Boise is home to one of the most unique New Year's Eve events in the entire country. We've known that since the Idaho Potato Drop began in December 2013. The rest of the country is catching on now.

The ball drops in New York, the cheese drops in Wisconsin, Arizona drops a taco, and Disneyland drops an orange. All are symbols of their region, and since there is nothing more Idaho than the potato, we have the "Glow" Tato. More people than ever will see the Idaho Potato Drop in front of the Idaho State Capitol this year because, for the very first time, it's getting National television exposure.  More exposure than it got when it was a question on Jeopardy!

One of the best New Year's Eve television broadcasts is CNN's "New Year's Eve Live," with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. Traditionally, the show would show entertainment from all over the country, feature celebrations worldwide, and wrap up with the ball drop in New York. Then, they turn it over to Don Lemon, broadcasting live in New Orleans, anchoring coverage of the Central Time Zone's celebrations. This year, the show will be extended by one hour to include the Mountain Time Zone.

The Idaho Potato Drop is the most unique celebration in the Mountain Time Zone, so CNN will send a crew and broadcast it live for the entire country. The exposure will further make the Idaho Potato Drop a destination for tourists looking for something new and exciting to do on New Year's Eve, which was the intent from the very beginning.

Check out the videos below if you've never experienced the Idaho Potato Drop. 2023 will be off to an epic start for Boise. Seeing our city featured in such a fun and positive way should make all of us proud.

If you are planning to attend, live entertainment starts at 7pm. The list of performers includes Alisha Donahue & Jynx Jenkins, Boise Rock School, Bread & Circus, Gypsy Moonrise, Parade of Bad Guys, and The Gov. Spuddy Buddy and the Big Idaho Potato Truck will be there as well. Once the "Glow" Tato drops at midnight, there will be a massive fireworks display.

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