If you ask me, Nampa is a hidden gem. I took a stroll through Nampa this past week to give out some tickets to Boise Music Festival - what I can say? We're a radio station.

As I was walking around 12th Ave. S. and 2nd St. S., I came across an unoccupied building with a sign that read: Puffy Mondaes.

What is Puffy Mondaes?

According to their Yelp page, "Puffy Mondaes Makerspace & Supply was founded in 2007 to provide art supplies and classes for uncommon art; wool spinning, knitting, crochet, weaving, pottery, ceramics, painting, drawing, printmaking, and more."

The business certainly had a lot to offer for people who love dabbling in arts and crafts. Looking at the space, it looks like it would be a great spot for meeting people who share similar interests.

What happened to this location?

It's quite simple - they relocated. They're still in Nampa but are now located at 1404 1st St. Their Yelp page says they also do virtual classes as well.

So, we know they're at their new location but what will occupy their old location? Let's take a look at the space the next business will be working with...

What Do You Want To See Inside of the Old Puffy Mondaes Location in Nampa?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

So, what do you think? Should it be another restaurant to draw people in or something different? I would love to get your suggestions here!

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