We all just dodged an outbreak or 19 and didn't even know it. It's all thanks to a garden hose that led to a secret lab operating illegally in California getting shut down.

The lab getting shut down may have very well could have saved the world...or at least America.

What's going on in California and how does it affect Idaho?

A city code enforcement officer in Reedley, California began an investigation after noticing a gardening hose sticking directly out of a hole cut out of a building. Being that it's a code violation and the building was supposed to be unoccupied, the unusual water source raised some red flags. The first being that there was no record that any business had rights to the building.

"They never had a business license," Zieba told USA Today. "The city was completely unaware that they were in this building, operating under the cover of night."

This Secret California Lab Getting Shut Down Just Saved America

Health officials shut down a lab in California that could have started another pandemic...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

It's terrifying but it's not the most unusual thing to come out of Idaho's neighboring states. As a matter of fact, Utah is home to one of the most unusual places on the planet. From UFO sightings to Bigfoot encounters to a creature known as the "Skinwalker", Skinwalker Ranch is one of the strangest places ever and is just seven and a half hours away from Boise.

The Truth About a Secret Investigation of a Utah Ranch

There's a lot of mystery surrounding Skinwalker Ranch in Utah and investigators are still looking for answers.

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Don't worry, Idaho is home to its own unusual places including having its own version of Area 51. Its location is a tad bit creepy though

Do You Know About Idaho's Terrifying Version of Area 51?

Let's take a look at what in the world the U.S. Navy (or secret government organization) is up to at Lake Pend Oreille in Bayview, Idaho.

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