The last two years have gone without one of the best traditions that Boise has to offer.  The closing of Harrison Boulevard for trick or treating has been missed by everyone from young to old.  The historic North End homes are amazing to see on any day, but they are even more spectacular with the Halloween decorations that the street has become famous for.

This year will be the first since 2019 that the road will be closed for trick or treating.  2020 brought so much uncertainty we even wondered if trick or treating on Harrison would ever happen again.  It was great of the homeowners to continue to decorate, even without the closed street.  It made it fun to walk the street to see all the hard work that they put in.

This year, all of the decorations are back, and trick-or-treaters, parents, or even those who just want to see the displays will be delighted with how the street looks.  We took pictures of all of the Harrison Boulevard displays this year so that you could see what's there.

The displays vary from nicely decorated to very scary.  Some are family-friendly, and others will have even adults thinking twice about walking past. The variety and eclectic nature of these Halloween lights and displays are part of what makes spending Halloween on Harrison Boulevard so fun and uniquely Boise.

There are displays that are up year after year, like the Monster House and the Carnevil, and others that are becoming the can't-miss displays of the future, like the Pennywise and Poltergeist displays you will see this year.  Which one is your favorite?

The Best of Harrison Boulevard - Halloween 2022

This year's Halloween on Harrison Boulevard has a little of everything. From beautiful to freaky and from happy to terrifying. Do you have a favorite?

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