There are a lot of people coming to Boise. With the influx of residents comes an influx of visitors. Many more events are happening here that you can't get anywhere else. Idaho's Largest Garage Sale and the Luke Combs concert at Albertsons Stadium are just two upcoming events that people will travel to the Treasure Valley to attend. That means we need enough hotel rooms to accommodate all these people.

For those who like staying in a nice hotel, rooms at the Grove, the Oxford, Inn at 500, and Hotel 43 will fill up fast. Plenty of mid-tier hotels will see a nice increase in occupancy as well. And then there are the more budget-friendly hotels. Some of them are well-kept, clean, affordable, and efficient. Others are the ones you have nightmares about.

If you have family and friends coming to town any time soon, you'll want to recommend a hotel they will enjoy. If you don't like the people that are coming to visit, you may want to recommend one of the worst-reviewed hotels in Boise.

We went through all of the Google reviews of all the open hotels in the City of Boise to find the lowest-rated hotels based on reviews. We excluded hotels with just a few reviews because we wanted to give each place the benefit of the doubt. We set our cut-off at 90 reviews and found that the lowest-rated hotel had an average of 2.1 stars.

These 6 Boise Hotels Have The Absolute Worst Reviews

And Now For The Worst Boise Hotel Experiences of All Time

These hotel nightmares will have you triple-checking the next time you book your next stay.

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