Let’s face it. Even if you totally deserve it, not everyone is built for week-long vacations hundreds of miles away from home. That said, you also looked at how many PTO hours you left on the counter in 2023 and have made a goal of using more of them this year! 

When you’re overwhelmed by deadlines, projects and seemingly unattainable goals at work, it can be hard to visualize being away from the office. Sometimes trying to work ahead to get away is so anxiety-inducing that it’s just not worth it.

And when you do convince yourself to take the time that you earned off, you still put out an out of office email that says something along the lines of “I’m out of the office for the next week. I’ll have limited internet access, but will be checking my email periodically. I’m available by phone.” 


Hit a little too close to home? If you said yes, a long weekend may be more your speed than a week long trip! So why not jump in the car, make the short drive up 55 and spend a few days playing in the snow before you have to come back to the real world and adult? McCall is the perfect place to relax and get away from it all for a few days! 

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If you’re looking for a picture-perfect cabin to stay in during the winter months, we found that won’t break the bank! Each of these can be rented for under $200 a night. 

Editor’s Note: Prices fluctuate depending on what dates you book your stay. These prices reflect a “flexible weekend” sometime in January or February 2024. They’ll likely surge during McCall Winter Carnival, which now takes place over a single weekend February 23-25. 

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