You may have run into this online as of late if you're browsing any social media or blogs about Idaho:


Yes, that is something people are saying on the internet in 2024. And with an influx of folks from other states including California, Oregon, and Washington relocating to Idaho, we get it. So, what was Idaho really like back in the day?

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California Chains Not In Idaho

Will they be opening Idaho locations soon?

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So, what was Idaho really like before everything changed? Well, it was a lot like the rest of Earth! Per Wikipedia:

During the Cretaceousperiod, local dinosaurs included possible armored dinosaurs, relatives of the horned dinosaurs, and possibly Tenontosaurus. Dinosaur eggs are also known from the state.[5] Significant volcanic activity occurred in Idaho during the Cretaceous.

Yep. Idaho was covered in dinosaurs back in the day, there have even been stromatolites discovered in parts of Idaho dating back millions of years.

That's right, before Californians decided to make Idaho their new home forever, dinosaurs were Idaho's original native sons. If dinosaurs ever come back, do you think they'll ask us to "go back where you came from?" Because, if a T-Rex asks us to do something, we're probably going to do it.

We're not joking. The creatures that were calling Idaho home way before we got here were absolute units. Even standing next to some of the biggest animals on Earth today, these monsters absolutely dwarfed all the creatures we're used to seeing in 2024.

5 Dinosaurs That Once Roamed Prehistoric Idaho

Nestled amid Idaho's breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures lies a hidden chapter in its rich history: the existence of remarkable prehistoric creatures!

Beyond the scenic wonders, features five of the Gem State's six captivating dinosaurs, each with a story etched in the ancient rocks of Idaho.

Scroll on for a look at the extraordinary creatures that offer a glimpse into the fascinating world of Idaho's prehistoric terrain.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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