Bigger homes come with bigger problems. More cleaning. Higher utility costs. More space to fill. Depending on who you are, you could probably be happy in a small home but with a mortgage like this? It might not be THIS small home. 

At press time, says there are 1119 active listings on the market in the area they define as the “Boise Housing Market.” The median home price for that area is $519,900. We know that the gazillion realtors in Boise typically don’t market their homes by “price per square foot” but it’s a statistic that tracks. If you look at the median listing home price by square foot for the Boise market, it’s $297. 

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We share these numbers with you because the listing we’re about to share with you will be a rollercoaster of emotions if you keep them in the back of your mind. We stumbled across this listing after our friend Diane shared it on Facebook and said: 

Okay, THIS is where I draw the line on ABSURDITY. This is BOISE, not the Hollywood Hills nor Beverly Hills.

The home on Garden Street in Boise has an asking price of $349,900. YAY! That’s below the median price. The home measures 500 square feet. Its price per square foot is $700. GROSS! 

Sherri Battazzo/Buy Boise Real Estate Group
Sherri Battazzo/Buy Boise Real Estate Group

Diane’s right. That is ABSURD. How absurd? Out of curiosity, we pulled up the listing for one of our favorite luxury homes that’s been on the market for over a year, Velma Morrison’s former home on Crescent Rim Drive. It’s the largest home for sale in Boise and has a large asking price too: $4.9 Million. But if you look at the price per square foot? It’s a better value! Morrison’s former estate would cost you $348 per square foot. 

Patrice Peterson/Silvercreek Realty Group
Patrice Peterson/Silvercreek Realty Group

Obviously, the pool of potential buyers that could afford a $349,900 home is much larger than the one that could afford a luxury home but we couldn’t resist pointing out how vomit-inducing an asking price for a home like the one on Garden Street is. 

Maybe you’re someone who wants to give the house the benefit of the doubt. You don’t want to agree or disagree with us until after you look inside. That’s fair. Take a look around and then YOU be the judge of how absurd the price is! 

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