Academy Award-winning actress and chronic over-faller Jennifer Lawrence has played her fair share of femmes fatale, even at her relatively green age of 25. There was Ree Dolly, the hardscrabble femme from Winter’s Bone who proved decidedly fatal to the unfortunate squirrels she hunted and skinned with her bare hands. Rosalyn Rosenfeld, the live-wire housewife Lawrence played in American Hustle, was something of a femme fatale, in that she endangered the life of her family by misusing the microwave. And of course Hunger Games icon Katniss Everdeen is a femme fatale, slaying competitors and the hearts of lesser men with the greatest of ease.

But a new notice from The Hollywood Reporter indicates that the actress will take on a femme fatale of a more traditional sort in the upcoming strange-but-true film Marita. She will play the title role of Marita Lorenz, a shipping magnate’s daughter who first caught Fidel Castro’s eye while visiting Cuba at age nineteen (yet another instance of age-inappropriate J-Law casting, though at least this time it’s in the other direction) in 1959 and fell deeply in love with the dictator soon after.

After shacking up with him at his palatial compound and becoming pregnant with his child, she underwent a forced late-term abortion and defected to join anti-Castro protestors. It was at that point that the CIA approached her to take part in one of their many harebrained Castro assassination attempts, instructing her to return to the man and poison his food. Lorenz returned all right, but revealed that she still held a torch for ol’ Castro and outed the CIA. She was, by all accounts, an odd woman.

Which places her right in J-Law’s wheelhouse, another woman with an outsized personality clawing and scratching her way through life. Though the film is still in the earliest stages of pre-production, THR was able to mention that Sony Pictures will work from a script by Eric Warren Singer, the writer behind American Hustle. This should be another slam dunk for Lawrence, who hoards Oscar nominations like a magpie collecting pieces of foil. The woman’s just landed her fourth, and she’s twenty-five years old. You know what Meryl Streep was doing at age twenty-five? Struggling to land her first film role, which she wouldn’t achieve until twenty-eight. She started raking in the Oscar nominations the next year, but still.

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