The New England Patriots opened training camp opened on Thursday. And boy was it memorable.

The defending Super Bowl champions, who you may be aware are involved in a little matter called Deflategate, were welcomed by this lovely banner, paid for by fans of the New York Jets, who are no doubt loving all the drama surrounding the Pats for the last several months. It says, "Cheaters Look Up." Oh, yeah -- it's on!

And you know a lot of people probably saw it because when the gates opened for fans, it looked like a stampede the likes of which no one has seen since the Backstreet Boys tried to walk through an airport in their late '90s heyday.

And when Tom Terrific (that's Tom Brady, for all you non-Patriots fans out there) took the field, the place went bonkers.

Hopefully, Brady will be able to use that support to pump him up. Get it? Like he knew about pumping up the balls? Oh, just forget it!

Brady himself took the field, much to the delight of Patriots fans. Check out this play in which he looks like he's in midseason (and not suspended) form, even if we can't recall Brady catching passes like this in a real game.

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