Fifteen years ago, the pop world was shaken to its core when a pair of royals — Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears — broke up. Now, Timberlake's good friend Jimmy Fallon's weighing in on the split.

In an episode of Watch What Happens Live last night (November 2), Fallon said he does, indeed know why the pop stars went their separate ways (though wouldn't say exactly why), and fondly remembered hanging out with the former king and queen of radio.

“We used to hang out all the time with Britney as well. That’s how we met each other on Saturday Night Live. I remember going to a Super Bowl party at Planet Hollywood that Britney and Justin were having. It was just really fun," he said, adding that he and Timberlake will certainly dance to a Britney song whenever it pops up, or talk about her every now and again.

Still, Fallon was pretty sure in 2002 that Britney and Justin were not going the distance.

“At the time did you think, ‘These two are never breaking up. This is amazing.’?” host Andy Cohen asked.

Fallon ambiguously shook his head, signaling what seemed like a pretty decisive "no."

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