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I was kicked out of the station at 10 a.m. with Kat Fisher this morning because they want everyone out! We get to come in early but have to bounce when it's time.

There are so many in the same situation and some of us have jobs and others have lost them. I'm very worried about all our listeners and hoping this passes over fast with healthy outcomes. All that said we have to keep ourselves entertained and I found two videos you might enjoy.

I've been watching a ton of celebrities post up things online but I have two favorite you might enjoy today. I feel so dumb because we've seen them in the news lately a ton. The audience was really worried as she was diagnosed with the coronavirus with her husband, Tom Hanks. I feel like an idiot for missing this but it definitely made us laugh today.

Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks wife) posted a video of her freestyling over Naughty By Nature's "Hip Hop Hooray". Yes, she slays it but was a little disappointed we didn't see our dude Tom! Thanks for making us laugh and I wouldn't be surprised to see this performed on a future award show - just saying! Oh, my wife told me that this video came out a few weeks ago. I guess she out pop cultured me on this one.

Then we have Mr. Adam Sandler and who doesn't love this guy. Some of us grew up watching his crazy songs and others of us loved his new movie. There is one thing for sure and that's Adam doesn't disappoint. He keeps things silly and no matter how much money this guy does for some reason he just seems like one of us. Here is Adam with Jimmy and a new song that we might begin to hear around the globe.

Welcome to the quarantine song.


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