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I was watching the video for this event and man I just teared up 💧I'm not sure If it's my love for the military, becoming a dad or just getting older. I absolutely love our military and the families that keep things together. It's not just the flag, but it's the sacrifice that most of us forget because life just moves so fast.

I'll tell you about this amazing Purple Heart Run in a few because what a great way to enjoy a weekend. I'll tell you that I'm pretty shy believe it or not. Put me in front of a microphone and I'm crazy with a badge of courage. Take my superpowers away and I'm actually kind of quiet. If I see a person in uniform? I have to walk up and shake their hand. Whoa. I get emotional sometimes and you would never know it. There is just something about that person volunteering to give up their lives for ours.

Saturday, August 17, 2019, is a big day and hopefully grows each. I received an email with an invite to the Inaugural SSG Aaron Butler Memorial Purple Heart Run. This is happening on Saturday and it's a celebration that brings military and civilians together for a few hours. There is a 5k and 10k that take place at the same time. You can wear whatever you want or tough it out, stack a backpack military style for the workout and uniform up if you like.

I'll attach a great video that explains why this run is so important and that's it's about more than just one person. These experiences come from people that knew and served with Aaron. Things become real and not just a story when you watch this video.

There will be music, food, beer and fun for the kids. All proceeds go to the Idaho Department and Chief Joseph Chapter 509 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart nonprofit.

Purple Heart - A US military decoration for those wounded or killed in action.

  • What: Aaron Butler Memorial Purple Heart Run 5K, 10K, $30
  • Where: 11800 Horseshoe Bend Way
  • When: Saturday, August 17, 2019, in Eagle
  • Sign Up HERE.


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