As temperatures drop, many in the Treasure Valley may think that concert season is coming to an end. Great news, everybody! Concerts are still going to be happening through the fall and winter--they just won't be under the sun at some of our favorite outdoor concert venues!

Some of the most anticipated shows coming up soon? Macklemore will be at Idaho Central Arena for all of those 'Thrift Shop' fans and in November, the Jonas Brothers--one of the biggest boy bands ever, will be at the Ford Idaho Center!

The Jonas Brothers have a request for Boise fans--or at least, we think it's fair to assume that we should take note on this one if we want to have an enjoyable time.

Currently on tour, the Jonas Brothers were just in Sacramento, California for a sold out crowd. During the show, despite "toughing it out" most of the performance, one act finally made Nick Jonas stop down and say, literally: "Stop".

Once could say that Taylor Swift & the infamous Swifties are to blame for the trend--but "friendship bracelets" flying all over the stage from the crowd seemed to have the band of brothers reach critical mass. It's a perfectly kind gesture...but just keep your bracelets to yourselves!

Over the last several months, many acts have been hit with items getting thrown on stage and we won't even rabbit hole on Drake's bra trend...

Hitting the Jonas Brother concert this November? Don't be the reason Boise makes TMZ again--bracelets to yourself and get your tickets, HERE.

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