For those following the Brian Kohberger trial--surrounding the tragic murder of four University of Idaho students in November of 2022, the wait for court updates is going to be a long one.

Just last week, a hearing in Moscow, Idaho at the Latah County Courthouse was held surrounding the trial and Kohberger, the suspect in the quadruple homicide, requested a delay in the trial, scheduled to start in the beginning of October. The judge ended up denying that delay request--and kept to October 2nd, 2022, as the

Just yesterday, another hearing was held on the status of the trial--this time, a very bold decision was made by Kohberger and his defense team.

In what may have been one of the most jarring moments of the hearing-- Judge John C. Judge addressed Kohberger for answers directly. It was the duty of Judge Judge to make sure that Kohberger understood his rights--that there is no reversing his waiver of a speedy trial.

After asking several different times if Kohberger understood--Judge Judge paused and simply asked:

You sure you want to do this?

Kohberger is being held without bail--therefore, until a trial is settled, he won't be leaving the Latah County Jail anytime soon.

Many legal experts expected that this would eventually happen--whether it's a legal strategy or the defense seriously needed more time to review all of the material (and to be fair--there is a LOT of material). Another important reminder? The State of Idaho is seeking the death penalty against Bryan Kohberger--which is all the reason to take this case, the preparation, and thorough reviews of the material and evidence seriously.

Posts from the Goncalves family on social media (parents and siblings of victim, Kaylee Goncalves) express an emotional reaction to Kohberger's waiving of his speedy trial rights--for obvious reasons, those impacted most by these heinous crimes just want the case to be over.

Many say it could be anywhere from a year to three years before a Kohberger trial begins.

Leaked Video Claims To Capture Idaho Murder Suspect

While at this time, the footage remains in a state of speculation--a lot of the information known about this Idaho case seems to line up well with what has surfaced in this video.

WATCH: Images Capture Murder Suspect's Traffic Stops

Bryan Kohberger and his father were pulled over twice in Indiana while traveling across the country to Pennsylvania from Pullman, Washington.

Body Cam footage is broken down below--keep scrolling for the FULL VIDEO.

Moscow Murder Scene Recreated in Popular Sims Video Game

A video has surfaced which gives a tour of the Moscow, Idaho home where 4 college students were tragically killed--as recreated in Sims. The creator shared that she hopes it does not offend anyone, but that it was her way of trying to help.

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