I joke about it a ton, but it's actually really important to me: my ethnicity!

As you can guess from my name, I'm Hispanic-- 50% to be exact, right down the middle! I love my background, who it has made me, and the awesome (and sometimes really funny) things that were just household norms for me...but that I learn as I grow older are SO unique to a Mexican household.

Here's where I have failed: I'm not bilingual. I really wish I was and in fact, I can WRITE in Spanish pretty well. Speaking? It's a whole different story and I wish I would have been better about picking it up and speaking it as a kid. I say this like it's too late to learn and certainly, I hope one day to be comfortable speaking in both languages. Another "latin" thing I've always wished I knew how to do was dance. I'm not saying I'm some pro dancer--but there's something that just looks so FUN about being able to salsa dance. If you know me, you're picturing me trying this and laughing...don't worry, I'm laughing too.

JUMP! in downtown Boise is catering to just this and honestly, I'm interested in going. It's a "Salsa Under The Stars" event with latin music and enjoying a summer night up on top of JUMP! Obviously the event sounds awesome and everyone is welcome. A full bar will even be there so being 21+ is a requirement.

Check out the details, RSVP, and even invite your friends to this one of a kind event, HERE.

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