There are approximately six garages in Downtown Boise that have decided to waive parking fees in Boise for May. Whoa, that's a perk.

The Capital City Development Corporation is one of Boise's redevelopment agencies and plans to waive parking fees for May. This means parking for customers is free during this difficult coronavirus pandemic.

You have to take your hat off considering they've saved Idahoans over $600,000 in fees to park over the last 60 days.

Although the ParkBOI system has remained open and keycards remain activated, less than 15 percent of our monthly customers are using the garages," said John Brunelle, agency's exective director.

I don't know how many times I've complained about getting a ticket or being towed over the years. I've actually shown up after a long club night to pick up my car and it wasn't there. It got towed! True story.

It doesn't matter if you're guilty or now we still freak out about it. Well, at least the company is showing some love in May and don't leave June of the question. I'm guessing another project will make up for this cash loss but not right now. There is a minor catch and that's for customers. You need to be a customer in order to take advantage of this financial parking perk.

You can go below for more information.


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